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Benny L. Grisham, MSA, 33°
Ill∴Commander in Chief and Deputy for Illinois

Barry D. Weer, 33°



Appeals and Grievances
Elliott R. McKinley, Chairman, Springfield
Robert B. Wells, 33°, Freeport
Patrick E. Schlehuber, Bloomington

Stanley P. Boyd, 33°, Chairman, Bloomington
Fred E. Schubert, MSA, Freeport
Andrew A. Keppy, Chicago

Budget and Finance
Larry W. Gorrell, 33°, Chairman, Quincy
Barry D. Weer, 33°, Bloomington
Danny J. Leifel, 33°, Bloomington

Barry D. Weer, 33°, Chairman, Bloomington
Edward J. Witas III, MSA, 33°, Chicago
Paul E. Mealiff, 33°, Quincy
Dean G. White, 33°, Peoria
Dick J. Carroll, 33°, Moline
John E. Larsen, 33°, Danville
Michael D. Grafe, Southern IL
August A. Candioto Jr., MSA, 33°, Springfield
Edward R. Walker, 33°, Moline

Deceased Members
Joseph H. Eby, Chairman, Springfield

Citation for Distinguished Service
Joseph W. Lucas, 33°, Chairman, Springfield
Mike Ehle, Chicago
Stanley L. Davidson, 33°, Quincy
Robert K. Cronk, 33°, Freeport
Gary D. Hermann, 33°, Peoria
Jerry H. Askren, 33°,; Danville
Charles E. Hileman, Jr., MSA, 33°, Southern Illinois
Danny J. Leifel, 33°, Bloomington
Donald L. Anderson, 33°,; Moline

General Counsel
Scott R. Ripley, 33°, General Council, Danville
Danny J. Leifel, 33°, Assistant, Bloomington

Introduction of Distinguished Guests
Grady M. Birdsell, 33°, Chairman, Moline
Michael J. Fitzpatrick, MSA, Southern IL
Elliott R. McKinley, Springfield

Jurisprudence Rules and Regulations
Andrew S. Bender, 33°, Chairman, Southern Illinois
John W. Quinn, 33°, Chicago
Scott A. Sexton, 33°, Peoria

Kenneth L. Morey, 33°, Chairman, Springfield
David R. Koss, Chicago
Michael B. Myers, 33°, Quincy
Roger A. Carson, 33°,; Freeport
Jerry B. Witt, Peoria
Michael J. Dooley, Danville
David L. Rogers, Southern Illinois

John A. LeValley, Springfield
Alvin R. Abbott, Jr., Bloomington
Arlo Sloan, MSA, 33°, Moline

Meritorious Service Award
Daryl W. Selock, MSA, 33°, Chairman, Chicago
Charles E. Mullens, MSA, Quincy
Walter M. Hoffman, MSA, Freeport
H. Wayne Hoffman, MSA, Peoria
Richard A. Thompson, MSA, 33° Danville
Robert F. Buck, MSA, 33° Southern Illinois
Enrique J. Unanue, MSA, Springfield
Barry G. Carney, MSA, Bloomington
David L. Newton, MSA, 33° Moline

Nomination of Officers
Frank S. Winans, MSA, 33°, Chairman, Chicago
Bruce W. Rhinehart, 33°, Danville
David MacDonna III, MSA, Springfield
Andrew S. Bender, 33°, Bloomington

Representative to the DeMolay Foundation
Gary D. Hermann, 33°, Peoria
Charles E. Hileman Jr., MSA, 33°, Southern IL
L. Milton McClure III, Springfield

Illinois Scottish Rite Scholarship Fund Board of Directors
Benny L. Grisham, MSA, 33°, President
James L. Tungate, 33°, Vice President
Charles G. Smith, MSA, Treasurer
Barry D. Weer, 33°, Secretary
Scott R. Ripley, 33°, General Counsel & Parliamentarian
Danny J. Leifel, 33°, Asst. General Counsel & Parliamentarian
John T. Phillips, 33°, Active
Gregory L. Clark, 33°, Active
Phillip C. Kenney, MSA, 33°, Active Emeritus

Elected Directors
Lance J. Welter, MSA, Chicago 2013-2016
Thomas T. Johnson, 33°, Quincy 2015-2018
Donald L. Morse III, Freeport 2013-2016
Robert F. Spencer, MSA, Peoria 2014-2017
Ronald E. Hoffman, Danville 2015-2018
Ronald L. Dennis, 33°, Southern Illinois 2013-2016
Kraig E. Sullivan Sr., MSA, 33°, 2014-2017
Danny J. Leifel, 33°, Bloomington 2015-2018
Timothy J. Vice, MSA, Moline 2014-2017

State Scholarship Committee
Roger F. Aukerman, MSA, 33°, Chairman, Bloomington
Lance J. Welter, MSA, Chicago
Thomas T. Johnson, 33°, Quincy
Dennis R. Bussian, MSA, Freeport
Fred Esken, 32°, Peoria
Peter J. Eisenmenger, 33°, Danville
Henry A. Haisch Jr., Southern Illinois
Steven L. Scaife, 33°, Springfield
Jamie A. Emery, Moline

A. Colville Wilson Scholarship
Noel J. Kalis, MSA,33°, Chairman, Chicago